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Finding The Best Colorado Sports Car Rental

Monday, October 12th, 2015

Have you ever wondered what it is like to drive a sports car? Is this type of vehicle something that you see as being exotic, powerful, and thrilling? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then one option available is to check out what is available in the way of a sports car rental. By doing this, you are going to be able to have the driving experience of a lifetime in a car that offers power, poise, fantastic handling and so much more. You can’t always find that in your average rental car.
So what kind of models can you expect to find? There are actually four types to choose from including: Audi, BMW, Porsche and Volkswagen. Right away you will notice that they are all German makes and there is a very good reason for that. German cars are known all over the world for their quality of engineering, reliability and tremendous power. This is all accompanied by a feeling of luxury and class that is missing from so many other types of cars.
When you step inside any of these models you will feel the quality from the luxurious seats, to the overall finish of the interior. When you fire up that engine and hear those refined yet powerful noises, you just know that there is something special going on in that engine. Driving any of these cars is unlike any car you’ve driven before because you can get that burst of acceleration whenever you need it. This really does make them completely different from your normal type of rental car that is available from thousands of companies around the country.
These kinds of cars make an impression from the moment anybody sets eyes on them. There is no doubt that if you really need to make a statement, driving in any of these models will certainly achieve that. The entire experience will be much more fun than anything you have ever encountered before in a car rental. It’s a good idea to find these sports cars from a smaller, more private company where the quality of the vehicles extends to the quality of the customer service offered. The reason for this is, when you want to rent a high-end car you deserve to be treated like royalty yourself.
So when you want to rent something a bit more special, then consider a sports car rental that will allow you to get behind the wheel of a beautifully manufactured German sports car. By driving this type of vehicle, you will be able to experience what true opulence is really like even if it is just for a single day. You’ll be sure to turn heads as you drive along in something you will remember for years to come. Remember, you only go around once in life, you might as well do it in style.

Touring Colorado’s High Country On a Motorcycle

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

From majestic 14ers to the Great Sand Dunes, from Rocky Mountain National Park atop the Continental Divide to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Colorado hosts some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere in the United States making it one of the most coveted destinations among motorcyclists.

Spring, summer and fall, weather permitting, come and explore colorful Colorado. The fall foliage is especially nice in Colorado’s mountains, as are the flowers of summer that blanket the meadows at the base of the great Rocky Mountains. You can see all varieties of wildlife, which make great pictures. And the people are friendly – in fact, the smaller the town, the more friendlier they are!

If you travel through Rocky Mountain National Park from Estes Park to Grand Lake, you can continue on Highway 40 West through a beautiful canyon along a river and a railroad track, through some quaint Colorado mountain towns, experiencing Colorado hospitality in every location. Highway 40 turns slightly north at Kremmling, and the scenery begins to become even more spectacular from the Wolford Mountain Recreational Area over Rabbit Ears Pass to Steamboat Springs. Be sure to stop and experience the views as you descend Rabbit Ears Pass into the Yampa Valley, known for its summer and winter sports, its beauty and its visitor-friendly amenities all along Highway 40. Steamboat Springs has wonderful shopping and restaurants, as well as fantastic recreational activities both summer and winter. You can visit Fish Creek Falls with only a short hike down to the river, or maybe the natural Hot Springs are more to your liking. If you come to Steamboat, you need to plan for a few days here, because you won’t want to leave. From Lake Granby to Steamboat Springs is about 80 miles – a favorite route among Colorado’s motorcyclists.

For a little longer trip (220 miles approximately) which takes you over the Continental Divide at least twice, begin in Ft. Collins, CO, west through Poudre Canyon on Highway 14 to Walden, CO. From Walden, go south on Road 125 toward Granby. In Granby, turn north on Highway 34, going past Grand Lake, up through Rocky Mountain National Park, to Estes Park. This is called the Walden Loop, as you will continue on Highway 34 from Estes Park to Loveland, through the Big Thompson Canyon, and back to Ft. Collins. Restaurants, shopping, gas and overnight accommodations aplenty can be found in Walden, Granby, Grand Lake and Estes Park. And the viewing of wildlife along this route and in the National Park will most likely include elk, deer, moose, bald eagles and big-horn sheep.

High mountain travel in Colorado in the early spring and late fall will require warm weather gear and lots of layers. It’s been known to snow on the 4th of July in these locations and others. Come prepared, but plan to take your time and enjoy the view on each of these spectacular northern Colorado routes. Come and enjoy Beautiful Colorado on your motorcycle! And view photographs of this area on my blog at

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