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Archive for August, 2015

Winter Travel in Western Colorado

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Winter travel in western Colorado can be a challenge and has its own set of hazards. Many winter winter days can be sunny and 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, but many days can be below freezing, heavy snow and fierce winds. These extreme weather conditions can make travel challenging, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area and conditions.

Rental cars
Western Colorado has only small regional airports and extremely limited public transportation so most winter travel in western Colorado is done by car. Your average small economy rental car can be very insufficient for many winter conditions in western Colorado. It can be a very wise idea to upgrade your car at the rental agency to an all wheel drive or a 4 wheel drive.

An all wheel drive or a 4 wheel drive will give you much more traction in the snow and on icy surfaces, which can help you not slide off of the road and not get stuck in snow. Many times the snow will fall faster than the snow plows can keep up with also the wind can blow piles of snow onto the road in a matter of minutes creating €snow drifts€. An all wheel drive or a 4 wheel drive vehicle can help you get through these conditions, but many times the snow can get too deep so you have to pay attention to road conditions, warnings and travel alerts.

Mountain passes
Mountain passes are another Colorado winter driving hazard. The continental divide of the Rocky Mountains runs all the way through Colorado from the north to the south. Passes over the Rocky Mountains are usually very high, from 9,000ft to 11,000ft, and the weather at such high elevations can be very extreme with ice and blizzard-like conditions. Sometimes during extreme weather, the passes will close until the weather calms down and they can clear off the roads. Other times, they close the passes vehicles without 4wheel drive or chains.
If you are traveling over any of the passes in the winter, it is good to keep an eye on the weather for any storm systems that might make the passes hazardous or close them down.

Winter driving safety tips
The proper type of vehicle along with winter driving methods can help a lot. A few simple winter driving techniques and practices can save you from a lot of trouble.
-Always give yourself plenty of braking room and distance; especially on the ice.
-Know your vehicle’s limitations, some people will take their car into a large vacant parking lot and slide around just to get a feel for the car’s €edge€ and how the brakes and steering will handle on the ice.
-Keep warm clothing inside the car, in case you get stuck, slide off the road or get stranded. Also keep water and maybe some food. Western Colorado has places that are sparsely populated and when the weather gets bad, many people stay home. Cell phone service can also be spotty in some areas so being prepared to wait out a storm for a few hours could be vital.

By following a few safety guidelines, and using some common sense, you should be just fine and prepared for almost any kind of winter driving you encounter in Colorado. Hopefully, the roads will be dry, the weather will be sunny and your trip will be fun and pleasant.

Colorado Is the Best Snowboards Steamboat Ski Area

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Colorado is an exceptionally delightful state and that is well known for both the mountains and the measure of snowfall they get yearly. It is just fitting that numerous areas in the Colorado Mountains are top ski resorts.

Copper Mountain is acknowledged to be the best in light of the mixture of ski inclines, it offers. The way that the slants are divided by ability levels implies novices that don’t must be threatened by additional progressed skiers. Moreover, those with better abilities don’t need to stress over those without experience being in their path as they are hurtling down the mountain.

Snowmass is spotted something like 15 miles from Aspen and offers more than enough skiing for middle of the road and master skiers. They offer a couple of inclines for propelled skiers and just a couple for apprentices. This isn’t the spot to visit provided that you are new to the thoughts of skiing. Nonetheless, it is paradise for snowboarders with three divide parks. They are additionally areas for speed skiing and for different sorts of hustling occasions.

For the master skiers and snowboarders, the exact best place in Colorado to go is Winter Park. They offer 143 inclines and more or less 65f% of them are for masters. The way the slants are situated up at Winter Park is like heading off to three distinctive ski ranges. A percentage of the steepest ski slants in Colorado are discovered at Winter Park so this is the spot to go in the event that you are searching for some extraordinary thrills and challenges.

Indeed, some of these regions are so hazardous for skiers that you need to sign up for an introduction class. After finishing that security class you need to additionally sign a waiver expressingg. You don’t hold the Winter Park Ski Resort obligated for any mishaps while you are on those sorts of inclines. There is an extra cost of $20 for this right however you just need to pay it once. At that point, you can access it every time when you come back to Winter Park for the season.

In Telluride, Colorado you will uncover one of the slightest known ski resorts in the state. Telluride just offers 84 inclines yet it is a spot that you will discover to be extremely delightful and not almost as occupied as the other ski resorts around Colorado. Numerous snowboarders have discovered this shrouded area to offer a portion of the best snowboarding ranges in Colorado. One downside is that it’s a standout among-est the most unmanageable ski falls back on visit in Colorado. Steamboat Springs is the spot that you have to be whether you are a halfway skier. More than 1/2 of their slants are for this classification of skiers. They do offer what added up to 164 inclines however so you will have bounty to keep you entertained for the whole day. Truth be told, you may as well want to use numerous days in Steamboat Springs with a specific end goal to experience. However, much of it as could reasonably be expected. Numerous individuals set out to snowboards Steamboat ski area in Colorado in light of the fact that it is exceptionally simple to enter. There is a major airfield just minutes away so you can dodge the movement and the challenging street conditions. You can exploit incredible arrangements of snowboards steamboat ski area that incorporate your airfare, housing, a rental vehicle, and your ski lift tickets.

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